PepsiCo's Mountain Dew is once again tapping its consumers to promote fan created Mountain Dew flavors to determine the newest member of the Mountain Dew family.
Mountain Dew launched three new Mountain Dew flavor innovations: Mountain Dew Distortion featuring lime, Mountain Dew White Out with an infusion of citrus and Mountain Dew Typhoon showcasing tropical flavors. The flavors were developed in partnership with consumers for the brand's DEWmocracy 2 campaign.
DEWmocracy 2, a seven-stage, 12-month, consumer-driven campaign launched in July 2009, enabled more than 4,000 of the brand's most loyal fans, referred to as DEW Labs members, to co-create three new Mountain Dew beverages. Leveraging a variety of social media networks and tools, the brand and consumers collaborated on all areas of product development including flavor, color, name and package design.
Mountain Dew fans will remain engaged as the three new DEW products begin hitting store shelves nationwide this month. In addition to having a role in creating the TV ads and online media planning and buying process, fans will lead the charge in grassroots initiatives that will drive awareness and trial of the new DEW products.
"DEWmocracy 2 has re-affirmed our belief that Dew consumers want a voice in and want to help shape the future of the Mountain Dew franchise," said Frank Cooper, senior vice president, chief consumer engagement officer, PepsiCo Americas Beverages, in a statement. "By maintaining an open dialogue with our consumers through an intense, year-long collaborative project, we've offered them an opportunity to leave their imprint on a brand they truly love and have solidified an even stronger relationship with fans who matter most."
The three contending Mountain Dew beverages will be on shelves for eight weeks through June 14, providing fans with the opportunity to taste each of the flavors and cast a vote for their favorite at
During the voting phase, "Flavor Nations," comprised of DEW Labs members who are divided into three Nations supporting each of the new flavor innovations, will be campaigning for their favorite flavor to win the permanent spot. Starting May 1, members of each Flavor Nation, working with MTV Networks, will begin cross-country road tours, organizing skateboarding competitions, art exhibits inspired by Mountain Dew and samplings at concerts and sporting events, among other activities
The winning flavor will become a member of the Mountain Dew family on Labor Day 2010. It winner will join Mountain Dew Voltage, the latest addition to the Mountain Dew family. Mountain Dew Voltage won the DEWmocracy 1 campaign in 2008 that saw more than 1 million people participate in the product creation and selection process.