The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, will debut a new holiday campaign with a new song written by Grammy Award winning band Train. The campaign is an extension of Coca-Cola’s global “Open Happiness” marketing platform and will be featured in more than 90 countries through a new television commercial, digital experiences, in-store promotions and packaging. It is the company’s first new creative used globally since its “Christmas Caravan” program, which featured holiday-themed delivery trucks.

“We know that during the holiday season people are looking for moments of inspiration to remind them how special the holidays are and connect them with friends and family,” said Shay Drohan, senior vice president of sparkling brands for The Coca-Cola Co., in a statement. “Our 2010 holiday campaign shows how a catalyst such as the spirit of the holidays, the festive images of Santa Claus, a memorable holiday tune or sharing a Coca-Cola can inspire moments of happiness and bring people together.”

Coca-Cola’s new holiday campaign will launch in November with “Snow Globe,” a new television commercial that shows several vignettes of individuals who are feeling separated from friends and family, including a young man working late at night in a grocery store, a couple on opposite ends of a park bench and a dog alone in an alley. The commercial shows the scene exists in a snow globe sitting on Santa’s workshop desk. As Santa enjoys a Coca-Cola, he is inspired to pick up the snow globe and gently tilt it as Train’s “Shake Up Christmas” plays. This causes the Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan delivery trucks to roll into action and brings the couple together and sends the grocery clerk rolling to his family where the no-longer-lonely dog waits for him to enjoy a holiday meal.

“Shake Up Christmas” by Train provides a backdrop to the commercial with the lyrics: “Shake it up/ Shake up the happiness/ Wake it up/ Wake up the happiness/ Come on y’all/ It’s Christmas time.” In addition to the ad, the song will be featured as part of performances on Train’s current tour.