Snow Beverages, New York City, announced it received $650,000 in financing from investors. The funding will enable the company to support the marketing of its line of fortified carbonated soft drinks, it said, in a statement.

The company hopes to position its line of Natural Soda + Vitamins as a lifestyle brand that appeals to traditional soft drink consumers as well as natural-minded consumers.

“I think it is time that natural products without harmful ingredients become the soft drinks of choice for a large cross-section of American consumers,” said Stu Strumwasser, chief executive officer, in a statement. “We believe that Snow will become a leader in that growing segment filling the gab between traditional soft drinks and new age beverages.”

The financing came from two of its largest existing investors as well as new ones, Strumwasser said.

Snow Natural Soda + Vitamins is available in Pure Cola, Lemon Lime and Cranberry Pomraz. A no-calorie line will be introduced later this year, the company said, in a statement. The product is currently available in Manhattan and will soon be introduced in Texas.