Consumers can’t get enough tequila and mezcal. At least according to data from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), Washington, D.C. 

As part of its 2023 “Tequila/Mezcal in the U.S.” category fact sheet, the association reports that tequila volumes have grown 294% since 2003 at an average rate of 7.1% a year. 

In fact, in 2023, the tequila/mezcal segment recorded 31.6 million 9-liter cases sold. 

The fact sheet adds that among the consumer appeals of tequila and mezcal is the agave-based spirits ability to offer products across a range of price points. 

DISCUS reports that although value and premium brands continue to grow, the fastest growth sub-segment are high-end brands, 1,270% growth in volume since 2003, and super-premium with a volume growth of 1,500% since 2003. The association also reports that super-premium tequila and mezcal account for 8 million 9-liter cases. 

With National Tequila Day taking place July 24, we’ll see whether these trends continue.

An infographic reflecting tequila and mezcal data from DISCUS can be found HERE.