SKYY Vodka, a brand of Campari America, announced the arrival of SKYY Vodka & Soda, a premium canned cocktail available in two citrus-led flavors: Lemon & Elderflower and Lime & Mint.

These ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails feature key ingredients including real SKYY Vodka, soda, natural citrus and botanical flavors with 90 calories in each canned cocktail, the company notes. All SKYY Vodka is quadruple-distilled and triple-filtered for purity, and is made using water enhanced by Pacific Minerals, resulting in a fresh tasting cocktail, it says.

In addition, each SKYY Vodka & Soda beverage is meticulously calibrated to ensure the carbonation is just right, the company says. This, combined with the vibrant flavor of fresh citrus zest and hints of aromatic botanicals, provides a crisp, refreshingly light and elevated taste, it adds.

“Since its inception, SKYY has been dedicated to crafting the most exquisite vodka possible. This commitment extends seamlessly to our carefully curated canned cocktails," said Mark Watson, senior category director at Campari America, in a statement. “Just like our Founder, Maurice Kanbar, who spent years developing a proprietary distillation and filtration process to produce the smoothest tasting vodka he could find, we continue to take the necessary steps to perfect our products across the entire SKYY portfolio — from identifying the best tasting flavor combinations, to ensuring the effervescence of the soda in our RTD's is just right. 

“We're convinced this attention to detail has been worth the wait, and we're excited for consumers to taste the difference in our new SKYY Vodka & Soda ready-to-drink cocktails now available in a convenient can,” Watson continues.

Debuting in Lime & Mint and Lemon & Elderflower, SKYY Vodka & Soda now is available at select off-premise retailers in California, Florida and Texas, and can be found in a four-pack of 355-ml cans for a suggested retail price of $10.99.