Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits introduced Absinthia Absinthe Bleue, a spirit that redefines Absinthe sophistication, it says.

Crafted by Absinthia Vermut, this new absinthe is infused with butterfly pea flower, delivering an eye-catching vibrant blue hue that turns purple when citrus is added and adds a flavor complexity to the classic absinthe, the company notes.

“I was ready to take drinkers on a journey that celebrated the flavor of absinthe but added a bold element to help expand their interest in absinthe as a core cocktail ingredient,” Vermut said in a statement. “The visual artistry of the butterfly pea flower was the perfect answer. Each sip unfolds with subtle floral notes, and the visual allure makes for an enchanting drinking experience.”

Packaged in a 375-ml bottle, the 55% ABV Absinthia Absinthe Bleue can be purchased by visiting the company’s website.