Sports nutrition and lifestyle brand Bucked Up is expanding its energy drink lineup introducing LFG Burn, a performance energy drink modeled after the brand’s LFG Burn pre-workout. This expansion also includes the addition of four new candy-inspired flavors available in Bucked Up’s original energy drink line.

“We are very excited to be introducing LFG Burn and additional flavor options to our customers. LFG Burn is truly where fat-burning power and real energy meet in a can,” said Bucked Up co-founder and CEO Ryan Gardner, in a statement. “At Bucked Up, we are always looking for ways to innovate and provide consumers with the best tasting and most-effective energy drinks on the market. We believe that these new options will become very popular among our fan base.”

The new LFG Burn line was specifically designed to not only deliver long-lasting energy, laser-sharp focus, endurance and stamina, but also a fat-burning boost just like its pre-workout namesake, the company notes. LFG Burn is formulated with clinically-proven ingredients, like Grains of Paradise and L-Baiba, which can help consumers burn more calories as they workout, according to the company.

The LFG Burn line features three flavors: Watermelon, Apple Orchard and Cherry Blast, each delivering a unique and refreshing taste.

In addition to LFG Burn, Bucked Up has added four new candy-inspired flavors, which are available in Bucked Up’s 16-ounce black can and include 300 mg of natural caffeine, leveraging the exact same ingredients as brand-favorites Rocket Pop, Blood Raz and Mango Tango, it notes.

These new flavors are available in four new options: Sour Bucks, a tangy twist on the brand’s sour pre-workout powder; Cherry Candy, which offers a sweet and tart flavor profile; White Gummy Deer, which captures the essence of the beloved white gummy bear; and Breezy Blast, a refreshing take on a pineapple-cocktail, the company says.

Bucked Up’s new drinks are currently available for purchase online at the company’s website and in Bucked Up retail stores.