BeatBox Beverages launched its Hard Tea flavor nationwide. As the alcohol tea space grows BeatBox brings its take with its Hard Tea showcasing the key features that make BeatBox a consumer favorite: 11.1% alcohol by volume (ABV), non-carbonated, resealable and recyclable packaging, and low sugar.

 “Our Hard Tea is half the calories and half the sugar as competitors but is over the top delicious on taste,” said Zech Francis, vice president of global marketing at BeatBox, in statement. “Brewed with real tea and packing an 11.1% ABV ‘punch,’ BeatBox Hard Tea has a smooth, confident flavor with subtle hints of lemon. BeatBox Hard Tea definitely ParTEAs Harder.”

Hard Tea soft launched at two music festivals in late 2022 and in retail in January 2023 with test markets across 13 states. The positive results quickly moved the product from test to nationwide launch, the company says. With chains like Circle K, Stater Bros. Markets, GoPuff, Kroger, ampm, and more participating in the test, results have secured additional chain distribution with national partners like QuikTrip, Casey’s, Kum & Go, GPM, and countless regional retailers.

“With more than 55,000 accounts buying in the last 90 days and early results showing incredible pull at retailers, we are thrilled to be able to add another flavor for the BeatBox community to enjoy,” Francis states. “In the last 30 days Hard Tea and our Creator Series Avril Lavigne Pink Lemonade have been searched almost 100,000 times on our store locator. What started at two music festivals led to retail hype like we haven’t experienced before and we are ecstatic to bring this to our family across the country.”