Buddha Brands, Montreal, has launched Thirsty Buddha Soda, a new line of sodas that are low in sugar, fiber-rich, and made with plant-based prebiotics to support a healthy gut. The company’s new low sugar sodas come in a variety of nostalgic flavors and are made without anything artificial, the company says.

Thirsty Buddha Soda joins Buddha Brands portfolio of plant-based products including popular Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water and Hungry Buddha Bars. With the launch, the company is expanding its product line to include an alternative to traditional soda that does not compromise on taste.

“Inspired by the tastes of childhood, we set out to create a soda that reminded us of the traditional soda we grew up drinking,” said Buddha Brands CEO Christopher Magnone in a statement. “We’re excited to offer a soda that is not only delicious but also has added health benefits thanks to the plant-based prebiotics and fiber.”

Thirsty Buddha Soda is available in three flavors: Vintage Cola, Ginger Lemon and Root Beer. All three varieties are made with natural ingredients, plant-based prebiotics, are caffeine free and contain 7 grams of fiber and only 2 grams of sugar in each 355-ml can.

“Our new sodas are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the sweet, nostalgic taste of soda without sacrificing their health,” said Marketing Director Nora Collins in a statement. “We’re confident that our consumers will love the taste and appreciate the added health benefits that our sodas provide.”

Thirsty Buddha Soda is available at select retailers across Canada and online at Amazon and the Buddha Brands website in 355-ml cans for a suggested retail price of $2.99.