Chasing Rabbits Vitality Tea now is available in two flavors: Tropical Citrus and Raspberry Mist. 

Chasing Rabbits Vitality Tea is formulated with a blend of organic yerba mate and black tea extracts with antioxidant health benefits, wholesome non-GMO, clean-energy sweeteners ribose, and Palatinose (isomaltulose) a 32 GI slow-carb, low-glycemic non-GMO beet sugar that provides stable glucose blood sugar, the company says.

The ready-to-drink (RTD), organic yerba mate and black tea is packaged in environmentally friendly, distinctive, digitally printed 12-ounce standard aluminum cans, it notes.

“In developing Chasing Rabbits Vitality Tea our company was guided by published clinical research from BENEO Inc., the producer of Palatinose (isomaltulose), a 32-GI slow-release non-GMO beet sugar that provides energy in the form of glucose, the body’s essential energy source for mental and physical performance,” said Michael Musser, founder and CEO of Chasing Rabbits, in a statement. “Considering the average consumer’s need to reduce sugar intake in their daily diet, Chasing Rabbits Vitality Tea simply provides a wholesome, ready-to-drink, 25-calorie-per-can-serving of iced tea that provides glucose energy and satisfies a consumer's sweetened tea preference without producing unhealthy blood sugar spikes.”

Chasing Rabbits Vitality Tea is available to purchase at select retailers in Northern California and nationwide online by visiting the company’s website