Yaskawa announced extending its HC-series line with a 30 kg payload HC30PL palletizing robot. With a maximum reach of 1,700 mm, the six-axis bot is human-collaborative and facilitates safe and efficient fenceless palletizing, and also can be deployed in select handling, packaging and logistical applications of varying demanding production environments, it says. The HC30PL meets safety standards to ensure safe operation with or in close proximity to human workers. Power and force limiting (PFL) technology constantly is monitoring the robot’s force to react to contact in a quick, safe manner. Users can direct teach points with hand-guided programming. A plug and play tool flange connects various end-of-arm tooling for fast and simple deployment, the company says. The robot was built with cast aluminum for industrial-level durability, it notes. With an IP67 rating, the HC30PL can operate reliably in damp or splash-prone environments and is easy to clean, it adds. The robot meets established safety standards and has four modes of collaborative operation, easily shifting between collaborative speed in PFL mode or full speed in industrial mode. It optimizes cycle times based on risk assessment, and is controlled by the YRC1000 controller. 

Yaskawa America Inc., Motoman Robotics Division, 100 Automation Way, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342; 937/847-6200; www.motoman.com