A new beverage-top printer was recently released by Ripples. The Ripple Maker II Pro features food technology with naturally changing print colors that quench rising consumer demand for novel drink experiences, the company says. Made with flavorless cabbage extract, the patent-pending Chameleon Plus pods alter to a drink’s pH level, then print a variety of blue- and red-based hues. The color all depends on the beverage acidity or alkalinity. “Gen Y and even more so Gen Z keep food and beverage businesses on their toes by raising expectations for innovation, personalization and sustainability,” Yossi Meshulam, Ripples’ CEO, said in a statement. “The Ripple Maker II Pro was created with these audiences in mind. We wanted to elevate their food and beverage experiences and give them eye-catching reasons to share their moments on social media.” The Ripple Maker II Pro features dual pod holders for printing two colors on one drink, as well as an automated sensor tech that can identify cup dimensions for a perfectly centered print without user intervention. The system was upgraded to ensure fast operational workflow, it says. The full product line at Ripples uses completely plant-based printing pods. 

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