Cold-activated graphics

Hiball Energy teamed up with Ball Corp. to debut a line of reformulated sparkling energy waters and organic energy drinks in cold-activated, lightweight 16-ounce aluminum cans. The company’s decision to transition from 10-ounce glass bottles to 16-ounce aluminum cans was a result of consumer demand for a larger size with a more portable packaging option, it says. The new can features cold-activated graphics that use thermochromic ink from Chromatic Technologies Inc. When the cans reach a temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the bubbles on the can change from white to blue, indicating that the beverage inside is at the optimal temperature for drinking, the company says.


Flexible serving

House Band Wines launched its 375-ml. single-serve flexible pouch for wine in the United States in March at spring and summer music festivals. The start-up brand sees this alternative wine package as a key component in its campaign to bring wine to occasions and venues where glass is banned or impractical, the company says. The first release includes California Chardonnay and Merlot in cases of 24 pouches or four-pack cartons, which have a suggested retail price of $4.99 each.


Grab-and-go size

Uncle Matt’s Organic announced the addition of a new 12-ounce line of premium organic juices in its most popular juice varieties: Pulp-free Orange, Calcium with Vitamin D Orange, Orchard–Style Apple, Grapefruit, and Homestyle Lemonade. Suggested retail price is $1.99 and will be available in late spring in select areas. The company expects a national rollout in August to top retailers, it adds. The single-serve 12-ounce bottle allows consumers to try the brand at a lower cost and offers convenience, the company says.


Resealable lid

Scottish Spirits Imports Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., introduced a resealable latex cap for its Scottish Spirits Single Grain Scotch Whisky in a can. The brand’s patent-pending latex lid will allow the can to be resealed and maintain product freshness and taste, the company says. Scottish Spirits Single Grain Scotch Whisky is not meant to be a one-serving beverage; each recyclable 12-ounce can has eight shots and can be shared by several people, the company says. The resealable can offers portability of the product for outdoor uses such as sporting events, tailgating parties and boating, the company says.


Paying homage

In its first redesign in more than 20 years, Barq’s Root Beer, a brand of The Coca-Cola Co., unveiled a completely new look to pay homage to the brand’s Gulf Coast heritage and classically crisp, bold flavor. The new design will be featured on all of Barq’s packaging and is currently rolling out nationwide. The cans will maintain their distinctive silver color, but the new look will feature a diamond pattern reminiscent of the drink’s original 1898 12-ounce glass bottle, which still is available in the Gulf Coast area. Additionally, the label helps celebrate the brand’s 114-year history by keeping the slogan “It’s Good. Since 1898.”


Bootlegger inspiration

Stillhouse Distillery LLC introduced Original Moonshine, a clear corn whiskey, in a bootlegger-style jug sourced by TricorBraun. The 750-ml. rustic-style flint glass container’s neck features an “XXXX” branding along with a looped glass finger-handle to resemble a Prohibition-era moonshine jug. It also capitalizes on contemporary packaging strategies including the following: “Stillhouse Moonshine” is embossed around the bottom diameter of the jug; the brand’s howling wolf logo is etched into the bottle’s shoulder; and the bottom is embossed with the Stillhouse name and logo. The label consists of clear film with a three-color decoration. The jug’s bar-top closure features a 45-mm. closure disk that has the appearance of weathered copper and displays the brand’s logo. It also uses a synthetic cork.


Brand refresh

Peter Lehmann is launching an overhaul of key brand elements, including new packaging and re-aligned product tiers. Peter Lehmann’s silhouette now will be featured on labels across the entire family of wines. The new brand tiers in the United States are the Art Series, Portrait, Masters, Stonewell and for its blend varietals, Innovation. Each tier offers a distinct personality from accessible to iconic, the company says. Different treatments of the Lehmann silhouette reflect the style and spirit of the various ranges, including a colorful pop art feel of the Art Series, a handcrafted nature for the Portrait tier, and a refined look in the Masters series, the company says. The new packaging will be rolled out with the new vintages in the next year with the 2009 Portrait Shiraz being the first to display the new look.