A five-axis Delta robot is the latest innovation in ABB’s FlexPicker portfolio. The IRB 365 has a 1.5 kg payload, making it both flexible and designed for reorienting packaged lightweight products, the company says. In response to the rise in eCommerce and a demand for shelf-ready packaged goods, the bot was developed for applications where production line speed and adaptability are essential, like food and beverages. “The IRB 365 can pick, reorient and place 1kg products at 120 picks per minute,” said Roy Fraser, global product manager for ABB Robotics, in a statement. “Our customers saw that the growth in online shopping was driving the demand for shelf-ready packaged goods, so we developed a new Delta robot that would rise to the challenge. By handling more products per minute, the IRB 365 robot increases productivity, while saving time and energy to make production more efficient.” The IRB is capable of many tasks, such as product reorienting, top-loading and secondary packaging, bottle handling, unscrambling and 3D picking. It’s powered by the Omnicore C30 controller, which is the smallest Delta robot controller on the market. 

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