Crooked Media announced its expansion into food and beverage with the launch of its newest venture: Crooked Coffee, a line of premium, ethically sourced coffee, it says. Crooked Coffee’s first offering is the What A Morning lineup, which includes both a medium roast and dark roast, available in whole bean or ground. To craft the premium coffee product, Crooked partnered with Akira Coffee. The What A Morning medium roast is sweet, savory and smooth with notes of citrus, while the dark roast has notes of nuts, chocolate and caramel, the company says. Aligned with Crooked’s mission to leave the world a little bit better, efforts have been taken to ensure Crooked Coffee’s beans are ethically sourced, that the packaging is recyclable and carbon emissions are being offset, it adds. A percentage of proceeds from every Crooked Coffee order will be donated to the nonprofit Register Her to help register and activate women to vote, according to the company. Crooked Coffee can be purchased as a single 12-ounce bag for $19 or by subscription for $14.25 for 12-ounce bag, online by visiting the company’s website.

Crooked Media, Los Angeles


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