ROEQ unveiled a new weight class for its cart solution that doubles the payload of the MiR250 robot from 250kg/551 pounds to 500kg/1,102 pounds at MODEX. “More with less” is what users of the MiR250 mobile robot will realize with the new ROEQ TMS-C500 Ext and S-Cart500Ext. As the product names indicate, the new top module/cart combo enables the robot to carry twice the payload of Mobile Industrial Robots’ best-selling autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with skillful maneuverability and extra safety design for long loads, the company says. The design of the TMS-C500 Ext top module also allows transportation of larger cargo as long as 1.2 meters (47.2 inches) without compromising safety as the emergency stop button is easily accessible. Increased tilt stability is provided by the longer wheelbase of the S-Cart500 Ext. The smaller AMR with boosted payload is ideal for businesses looking to autonomously transport heavier goods in narrow and space constrained areas, the company notes. The ROEQ cart solution picks up and drops off the ROEQ S-Cart in free space. This means no affixed floor space or docking stations are needed for pickups. Like all ROEQ top modules, the TMS-C500 Ext comes with ROEQ Assist software that loads pre-coded missions into the MiR robot, which can then be modified in the MiR interface.

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