SIG Combibloc Inc. brought to market an innovative full barrier, aluminum-free aseptic carton pack solution: SIGNATURE EVO. Already available for plain white dairy milks, SIGNATURE EVO’s usage extends to a wider portfolio of oxygen-sensitive products such as fruit juices, nectars, flavored milk or plant-based beverages, the company says. SIGNATURE EVO packaging materials are expected to offer a similar carbon footprint reduction to combibloc ECOPLUS, to be confirmed through an independent, critically reviewed, lifecycle assessment, the company says. Like all SIG packs, SIGNATURE EVO is fully recyclable in existing recycling streams. With barrier properties comparable to standard aseptic cartons that include an aluminum foil barrier layer, SIGNATURE EVO packaging materials ensure that even oxygen-sensitive products are protected over long periods of time without the need for refrigeration, it says. SIGNATURE EVO initially will launch in the combiblocMini portion-sized format before being extended to other formats. It is suitable for both oxygen-insensitive products like plain white UHT milk and oxygen-sensitive products like fruit juices, nectars, flavored milk or plant-based beverages, it notes. 

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