Aquionics Inc. announced a new UV innovation, which provides a viable solution for eliminating heat-resistant molds and thermotolerant organisms in sweetener solutions. Designed to eliminate beverage spoilage organisms such as Lactobacillus, Alicyclobacillus and heat resistant molds (HRMs) that survive pasteurization, the newly designed inline UV treatment is directly installed into existing piping or recirculated on sucrose storage tanks. Beverage producers can leverage this technology to extend product shelf life, eliminate off flavors and odors, and ensure product consistency from batch-to-batch, the company says. Traditionally, UV technology had been limited with sweetener solutions because UV light does not penetrate these formulations as easily as applications commonly seen in ingredient water treatment. However, Aquionics’ UV innovation utilizes a slender vessel design coupled with hydraulics to vigorously mix the product inside of the chamber, it states. This allows the sweetener solution to come into closer contact with the high intensity UV system lamps, thereby disinfecting difficult-to-inactivate microorganisms. The technology also can withstand the higher temperatures commonly seen in sugar syrup applications, up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit whereas older technologies were limited to a maximum operating temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it notes.

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