Phillips Distilling Co. announced the introduction of Cubist, a “freezer vodka.” The company will test market in Minnesota and Arizona in August with an expanded launch in 2022. Consumer insights show that vodka drinkers prefer vodka ice cold and many store it in their freezer to serve at a more desirable temperature, the company says. When the vodka is at its ideal temperature ― at or below zero degrees Celsius ― thermochromic technology activates the bottle to turn blue, which notifies the drinker it's ready. QR codes on advertising and point-of-sale materials will link to a video that demonstrates how the label transitions in the freezer along with additional product information. According to Phillips Distilling Co. research, 75% of consumers believe Cubist is unique from other vodkas. Cubist will be available in a 750-ml sleek bottle and retails for $24.99.

Phillips Distilling Co., Princeton, Minn.


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