OnRobot US Inc. unveiled the MG10, a versatile, high-performance, easy-to-use magnetic gripper for material handling. Fully compatible with all major robot brands through OnRobot’s One System Solution, the MG10 offers unique adjustable force and grip detection features that provide users with unprecedented levels of control. Unlike standard magnetic grippers that only provide on/off functionality and are equipped with rubber “feet” to create space between the magnet and the part, the MG10 gripper comes with built-in grip and sensors for part detections that enable manufacturers to deploy precise material handling applications quickly and easily, the company says. The new features eliminate dropped parts and are ready to take over machine tending, assembly and material handling tasks that were once performed by costly and complex pneumatic grippers. Additionally, the MG10 handles uneven, abrasive or perforated surfaces as well as a wide range of sizes, weights and parts with odd-shaped geometries. As the manufacturing sector moves toward low volume/high mix production, the ability to move quickly from one application setup to another quickly is essential, the company says. The MG10 is sufficiently versatile, intelligent and quickly can be redeployed on tasks from machine tending and palletizing to de-stacking of metal sheets.

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