Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc. announced major enhancements to its popular N-Series Diesel Trucks for 2022. The improvements include the addition of an optional Advanced Driver Assistance System that includes Automatic Emergency Braking and a Lane Departure Warning System; standard Electronic Vehicle Stability Control, new standard and optional fuel tanks; standard four-wheel disc brakes; and refreshed exterior and interior design. ISUZU suggests that the medium-duty segment will grow this year, and changes to the foundation of its lineup, the Class 3 through 5 N-Series diesel-powered trucks, are in response to customers’ requests and come at the perfect time to take advantage of growth in the segment, the company says. Standard on all 2022i N-Series diesel models will be Electronic Vehicle Stability Control (EVSC), which will monitor the truck’s steering wheel angle, individual wheel rotation speed, lateral G forces and more. If the EVSC senses the vehicle is at risk of losing stability, it alerts the driver through an on-dash warning light and automatically reduces engine output and applies braking pressure as needed to help the truck maintain stability. The system works in tandem with Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR), an advanced traction-control system that works to provide grip when the truck is on loose or wet surfaces. ASR also will be standard on all 2022i N-Series diesel trucks.
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