Alcohol sales can equal as much as 75 percent of a restaurant's revenue and having wine on display, where customers can see it could likely boost sales. WineCab is a revolutionary and innovative solution, marrying the latest AI technology with custom luxe materials designed to store, protect and showcase wine. Created by Mark Chaney, chief executive officer and founder of Calvary Robotics, WineCab is the first robotically powered system for wine collections featuring a wine management system, an AI “virtual” sommelier, temperature control, security settings, and most notably — a 7-axis industrial high speed robotic arm, the company says. WineCab also partnered with Delectable, a premier wine management system with a collection of more than 600,000 labels. The system provides real-time data of recent history of bottles moved, dispensed or stored, and users can access relevant information on the wine on command, including name, producer, varietals and region. Each WineCab also has an integrated AI system to assist with pairing meals with wine selections, as well as make personalized suggestions based on a question-and-answer format. The tech-forward design reinvents the need for a traditional wine cellar, allowing clients to safely store 250-600 bottles in a restaurant, hotel or custom kitchen. WineCab is a tech-forward solution to a wine cellar and WineCab’s artisan craftsmen will build each model to one’s exacting specifications to ensure the uniqueness of every unit. Custom finishing options include exotic wood species, metal trims, interior wallpaper and personalized engraving. The WineCab WineWall currently is available in 6-, 11- and 15-foot models.

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