Encompass Technologies and Orchestra Software announced they will combine to become one company. Each company has played a major role in building the foundation for the beverage industry and serving as the system of record and operations in their respective markets (production and distribution).

Now united, they will build a connected supply chain. By connecting the three-tier system, the industry will now have a single source of truth for operations, data and decision-making.

"I’ve been trying to solve the demand planning and supply chain problem in our industry for over a decade, and now that we've joined forces with Encompass, we have all the pieces in place to truly connect our customers and our industry at a scale not possible before," said Brad Windecker, founder and chief executive officer of Orchestra Software, in a statement.

With this merger, the companies will be able to leverage their combined expertise and innovative software to connect every link of the supply chain and provide an unprecedented level of integration. By simplifying supply and demand forecasting and making transaction flow seamless, product will move from supplier to distributor to retailer to end consumer in a much smoother, more effective way, it says.

Jonathan O'Neil, founder and chief executive officer of Encompass added: "For years, Orchestra and Encompass have been looking at the same problems from different angles, and now we’re finally able to combine those insights to create a powerful, connected solution that will save people frustration and bring the entire industry up to speed".

Radian Capital, the growth equity firm that has backed Orchestra since 2018, is also on board and sees big upside to this merger. "The beverage industry has lacked a cohesive software offering that can create efficiency and visibility from early manufacturing to last mile delivery. The combination of Orchestra and Encompass is a big step in the right direction – creating the first-ever software company to make that vision a reality," said Jordan Bettman of Radian Capital. "We're ecstatic to both continue our partnership with Brad Windecker and his team at Orchestra and to foster a new partnership with Jonathan O'Neil and his team at Encompass."