When Kara Goldin founded her flavored water brand hint Inc. in 2005, there were plenty of naysayers and obstacles for the former AOL executive to overcome. Wanting to get healthy, Goldin went from mixing flavors at home to growing the No. 1 flavored water in America, now estimated to be worth more than $200 million, the company says. Part autobiography, part business memoir, UNDAUNTED” tells the chief executive officers story about how a person can learn from failures and frustrations to keep advancing toward his or her true purpose. Named one of Fortunes Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, this mom of four grew her San Francisco-based water company from nothing into a company that includes a brick-and-mortar store, expanded flavors, and new offerings such as sunscreens and deodorant. As JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon says, Hint Water could have just been another idea that never went anywhere if she had let her own doubts or the doubts of others be the end of the story. For anyone who has ever questioned whether or not it is worth taking a chance and pursuing their dreams, this is a must read.”