National Chemicals Inc. launched a non-caustic beverage system cleaner, Vantage Synergy. The new, ultra-safe line of beverage system cleaners are revolutionizing the industry by redefining the efficiency and liability associated with cleaning beverage systems, the company says. The cleaner ensures that beverage consumers, cleaning technicians and retailers are no longer at risk of harmful chemical burns associated with improper handling of beverage system cleaning chemistry. This is particularly important as bars and restaurants increasingly are focused on protecting the health of their patrons in the midst of the coronavirus. Vantage Synergy is a concentrated, three-part blend that combines 1 gallon of water and 2 ounces of Vantage Synergy Biomass Remover, Demineralizer and Accelerator to form a powerful, yet safe, solution. It reduces cleaning time by up to 50 percent, has a triple zero health and safety rating, and does not require Department of Transportation hazardous shipping charges. This helps to reduce property damage and injury liability risks, as the noncorrosive and nonhazardous cleaner is created with biodegradable chemistry that reduces wastewater concerns.

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