Peace Tea, a brand of Atlanta-based The Coca-Cola Co., is encouraging its fan base to “Speak Your Peace” in the upcoming election through a partnership with

“Peace Tea believes in paying it forward, and in the power of kindness and doing the right thing for those around you,” said Danielle Fisher, director of refreshment tea brands for Coca-Cola North America, in a statement. “In the context of this election, which is taking place in what has been such a monumental year, we believe in bringing young people together in a peaceful way to use the power and influence of their voices, individually and collectively. This partnership with is a great way to drive political engagement in a nonpartisan way.”

Now through Election Day (Nov. 3), consumers can use their smartphone to scan the “sip & scan” icon on any can of Peace Tea and unlock a custom mobile landing page powered by, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to simplifying political engagement and increasing voter turnout by offering registration and educational resources.

Eligible voters will be able to check their registration status and register to cast a ballot, as well as access other educational resources and state and local deadlines. Consumers not yet old enough to visit the polls can “pledge to register” to sign up to receive a text on their 18th birthday with details on how to register to vote in their first election.

"We hope to empower young Americans to vote,” Fisher said. “More than half of Peace Tea consumers are Gen Z, and almost 80 percent are under 35 years old. Many of them will be voting for the first time in 2020."

To help spread the word about the campaign, the brand is distributing a limited run of commemorative Peace Tea “Just Peachy” cans featuring the signature Peace Tea hand spelling out the word “VOTE” in tie-dyed lettering to social media influencers and journalists. The traditional flavor has been transformed to “Speak Your Peach” on the promotional cans, which are not available for purchase.

“The participation of youth voters in our democratic process matters. is thrilled to be working with Peace Tea to galvanize young people and ensure their voices are heard and represented this November,” said Chief Executive Officer Andrea Hailey. “It’s critical we lower the barriers to political engagement, and simplify what young voters need to register to vote, and to cast a ballot this fall, whether by mail, voting early, or voting on Election Day. By making voting easier, and in turn, getting more people to vote, we create a stronger, more representative democracy.”