Miami-based FUN WINE launched a new beverage collection: Hard Bubbly, which is sweetened with monk fruit. The lightly carbonated wine drinks is available three new flavors — Peach Passion Moscato, Cappuccino Chardonnay and Espresso Cabernet — alongside the current lineup of Coconut Chardonnay, Strawberry Rosé Moscato and Sangria.

All six FUN WINE flavors contain 59 calories within each 5-ounce pour and contains 5.5 percent alcohol by volume. All six are produced with all natural, gluten-free ingredients, and all are manufactured in a vegan-certified plant in the European Union. The new collection will be distributed in the United States starting in the fourth quarter of 2020 at more than 150 existing and new FUN WINE wholesalers. In 2021, FUN WINE will continue to expand its U.S. and global footprint, it adds.

"We are thrilled that in such a short time we have become the fastest-growing flavored wine beverage brand in the U.S.,” Joe Peleg, founder and chief executive officer of FUN WINE, in a statement. “Moving forward, in addition to our U.S. expansion with over 150 existing and new distributors, we are on a fast track to grow overseas, where we are continuing to nurture relationships with key importers, distributors, and large retail chains on six continents: Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and North and Central America."

FUN WINE also introduced a 330-ml aluminum bottle created specially to handle the chemical characteristics of the wine. FUN WINE currently is sold in 750-ml glass bottles and 250-ml slim cans ahead of its fourth quarter introduction of the new 330-ml aluminum bottles.