Because there is no universal recipe, filtration to produce beverages can be challenging. As a result, all  potables need their individual settings in order to obtain high-quality products with low turbidity at the best possible efficiency. To achieve crossflow filtration, KERAFOL offers ceramic membrane discs designed to fit company needs. Taking place in pressurized housing, the technique enables a quasi-continuous process that does not arise from energy-wasting pumps, but from the rotation of disc-shaped membranes. The decoupling of the parameters pressure and crossflow velocity enables the increase of the crossflow velocity, which is the key for efficient containment of the filter cake, the company says. These shear forces also enable the handling of highly viscous suspensions up to a significant solid content. Because gas input is another important part of beverage processing, KERAFOL’s ceramic membrane discs can be used as diffuser for aeration as well, providing an energy-saving and effective method for direct input of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide and other gasses. The narrow bubble-sized distribution also can be used for flotation purposes.

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