AriZona Beverages, New York, introduced the newest addition to its fruit juice cocktail lineup: Pineapple.

AriZona Pineapple embodies flavors of the tropics as pineapple products are on the rise in the United States. Nielsen recently reported that shelf-stable pineapple goods have increased in sales by 39 percent, it says. Pineapple has quickly become a popular fruit selection due to its healthy vitamins, nutrients and minerals. AriZona Pineapple is 100 percent natural, fortified with vitamin C, and made without preservatives or artificial colors.

AriZona Pineapple is the sixth addition to the brand’s juice cocktail line that includes staple flavors such as Fruit Punch, Mucho Mango and Watermelon. AriZona Pineapple is offered in 20-ounce Tall Boy bottles, for $1 to $1.49, as well as in 24-packs and available at select bodegas, delis and grocery stores nationwide.