Wilkens-Anderson Co. offers its new Digital Enamel Rater III for fast, accurate quality inspection measurements of the enamel coating on the inside of food and beverage cans. The device displays an index of the metal exposure due to incomplete enamel coverage on a digital LED display. Among the features are a new LCD screen for easy menu selection, adjustment and settings; a 5-digit digital LED display for milliamp readings; and a 2-digit LED timer display, the company says. Voltage is set at 6.3 VDC, which is adjustable from 4-9 VDC. Operating range is 0-500 ma with an improved accuracy resolution of 0.01 ma. Preset to an industry standard four-second mode, the rater also can be put into continuous or programmable modes. In programmable mode, the operator can select customized time settings. Both RS232 and USB ports allow for easy transfer of data to computers, printers or data collection systems, the company says.

Wilkens-Anderson Co., 4525 W. Division St., Chicago, Ill. 60651; 773/384-4433; wacolab.com.