Olivia Newton John singing the 1981 pop hit “Physical” helped solidify her place on the music scene. In a similar fashion, BNP Media, parent company to Beverage Industry, is taking our content to another level as we get “digital, digital.”  

The June issue of Beverage Industry will be the final print publication for the magazine; however, the editorial staff will continue to deliver news and information that our readers demand through a bevy of digital solutions. 

BNP Media had designed a business plan that would transition our readership base to a digital-first platform over the next few years. However, as the coronavirus began to spread throughout the United States and changed traditional working models, media consumption patterns and the outlook on physical mail shifted. In light of these changes, the entire publishing industry has found itself pivoting to a digital-first approach to continue effectively serving its readership. Beverage Industry has responded by expediting our plans for prioritizing digital content, and as part of that, move from producing a print magazine to exclusively producing a digital magazine. 

Although this change might seem like a lot to digest, the editorial and production staff are excited about the increased opportunities that we have to bring our readers content. We will continue to offer our content on bevindustry.com, as well as in a magazine format through our revamped digital edition. 

Our staff has worked hard to design our pages to make reading (or listening, thanks to the Instant Audio feature) the publication a multi-sensory experience. For instance, readers will enjoy increased visuals. Through our digital edition, we can create slideshows to further illustrate a story for the readers. The platform also has the capability of enlarging photos for the reader and offers the option of a more contemporary swipe and scroll reader experience through the Contents View that can be found in the digital edition’s menu. 

But visuals are just part of the new digital edition experience; Beverage Industry also now has the capabilities to embed videos and link to the latest episodes of our Sip & Learn podcast series. 

Beverage Industry will continue to explore all the new capabilities we have to reach you and hope that you enjoy the new format.