As companies strive to ensure the safety of their customers and employees by following the guidelines of public health officials and government agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for social distancing signage has skyrocketed. As a result, Webster Printing Co. recently launched a new division: Social Distancing Sign Solutions. During the pandemic, the company’s in-house design and creative services team has been creating generic, as well as customized, social distancing signage in multiple sizes for walls, windows and floors for a variety of companies, including convenience stores and beverage plants. An FSC-certified printer, Webster can support customers’ “green” initiatives with FSC-certified materials and environmentally friendly inks. Additionally, the printer can help with free store sign-placement evaluations through virtual tours on a SmartPhone. The full-service printer has the expertise and capacity for speedy custom sign fulfillment and can foster a quick turnaround of 48 hours, it says. The company also uses durable materials and can provide signage in different languages, and can add symbols as well. Noting that social distancing could be around for the foreseeable future, the printing company has ideas to help educate facility managers, directors and the public about new social distancing rules. In addition to providing complete solutions for printing and product packaging, the company also can facilitate warehousing, picking, packing and shipping, providing a true, one-stop solution, it says.

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