In a nod to exploratory missions deployed across the galaxy, Stone Brewing launched Stone Viking Space Probe Double IPA. The 8.5 percent alcohol-by-volume beer enters uncharted territory through its combination of hops and Belgian Candi Sugar, the company says. Stone Viking Space Probe Double IPA is dark gold with a subtle haze featuring aromas of pineapple, peach, lychee, watermelon, papaya and even marshmallow. Meanwhile, Ella and Citra hops impart flavors of tropical fruit, notably pineapple, peach, papaya and sweet guava, along with a hint of lime zest, according to the company. The beer’s name is a nod to legendary space probes Viking 1 and Viking 2, celebrated for their far reaches of space exploration. Available for a limited time, Stone Viking Space Probe Double IPA is packaged in 12-ounce cans and 22-ounce bottles. The special release also is on draft.

Stone Viking Space Probe Double IPA Stone Brewing, Escondido, Calif.
Distribution: National