REBBL, Emeryville, Calif., announced a transition to 100 percent recycled and recyclable plastic bottles. The plant-based beverage brand’s new Green Packaging Initiative applies to all of its 12-ounce drinks.

Working with a team of environmental and packaging design experts to bring to market sustainable packaging, REBBL’s new Green Packaging Initiative converts used plastic bottles into new plastic bottles, to help conserve resources, reduce landfill and capitalize on the energy already invested in making existing plastic products, the company says.

“The result is a bottle made entirely of post-consumer recycled plastic; ours is among the first in the industry made of completely recycled material,” said Michele Kessler, chief executive officer for REBBL, in a statement. “With this new packaging, REBBL is making it easier for consumers to choose both sustainable and high-quality products. By switching 20 million REBBL bottles annually to 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, greenhouse gas emissions have the potential to be reduced by 922 tons of carbon dioxide. That’s roughly the equivalent environmental benefit that 1,086 acres of U.S. forests provide in one year.”

REBBL also ships all of its online orders in boxes, liners, and ice packs that are fully biodegradable or curb-side recyclable.