White Plains, N.Y.-based HEINEKEN USA hosted its annual wholesalers convention with a new twist. Instead of one national meeting, the import beer company hosted four regional events. Given the regional focus, the company highlighted the importance of being locally relevant and how it will help support those executions.

Although the regional meetings allowed presenters to address the brands most popular in those areas, each meeting denoted the company’s focus on supporting its core brands: Heineken, Tecate and Dos Equis.

Another point of interest for HEINEKEN USA in 2020 will be making further investments to expand can innovations for its brands.

The company also addressed one of its most notable innovations from 2019: Heineken 0.0. Denoting that the brand exceeded expectations for 2019, HEINEKEN USA plans to invest $50 million to support Heineken 0.0, which currently is running its Now You Can campaign that highlights all the places that consumers “now you can have a beer” because Heineken 0.0 is alcohol-free.

Dos Equis also unveil some packaging updates and new marketing campaigns for 2020, while Tecate also will unveil new marketing in the year.

Acknowledging the growth in non-traditional beer segments, HEINEKEN USA said that it is not looking to produce a brand that is like the others on the market, but instead will use it nimble approach to develop a product that reaches today’s multicultural consumers. BI