The Bardstown Bourbon Co. (BBCo), Bardstown, Ky., opened a new visitors center experience, featuring attractions designed to complement locals, tourists, bourbon enthusiasts and novices alike, the company says. On 100 acres, the development includes curated tours, cocktail classes, exclusive tastings and multiple private event spaces. The new facility’s aesthetic is a continuation of the company’s modern bourbon experience with glass paneling, moss art walls and an open design plan, it says.

“The team here has created an entirely unique guest experience,” Bardstown Bourbon Co. Chief Executive Officer Mark Erwin said in a statement. “Our visitors experience reflects our core values of collaboration, innovation and transparency. We have crafted incredible tours that engage our visitors and celebrate the art and science of whiskey creation.”

Guests can choose from multiple levels of experiences, including “The Main Event,” a one hour fully immersive tour, and “Bardstown Bourbon Company’s Best,” a top-tier 90-minute tour featuring sensory exercises, cocktails and a personal tour given by Master Distiller Steve Nally.

The sensory exercises will allow visitors the opportunity to examine distillate, taste how bourbon ages, and learn how it is used in finished products. The tours will showcase BBCo.’s experimental distilling process of 40 mash bills for more than 24 customers. Guests also will be able to enjoy the visitor center’s adjacent brickhouse tasting bar, which is surrounded by stacks and rows of Kentucky bourbon barrels. The property also boasts a full-service restaurant.

“The opening of our visitors experience is … our opportunity to share our modern approach and to connect with our guests,” said Dan Callaway, director of bourbon education, visitors experience and product development, in a statement. “We are so very proud of our hard work and of what we have created, but at the end of the day, we want to just have fun with whiskey.” BI