E&J Brandy now has a new look on shelves. The launch marks the first holistic packaging change in the brand’s 45-year history, with each of its expressions sporting the new, remastered look. “We’re excited to bring our crisp, new look to the classic smooth taste that people know to be E&J Brandy,” said Britt West, vice president and general manager at E&J Gallo, in a statement. “You don’t run the game by standing still, so we’re proud to evolve alongside E&J fans, who are also constantly growing and adapting to elevate every aspect of their lives.” The new label conveys the brand’s energy with a sunburst illustration over a premium metallic paper, and features vibrant colors and an ink-embossed E&J logo, the company says. With the E&J crest displayed on the cap, the new bottle’s elongated shoulders and curved base gives the new design a more premium look, it adds.