DuPont offers its new Delrin acetal homopolymer with advanced slip technology, which eliminates lubricants and reduces line cleaning to promote sustainable bottling operations, according to the company. The Regina Chain’s e-F.A.S.T. material benefits conveyors used in high-speed, dry-running bottling operations because it eliminates the need for traditional external lubricants and other filling operations, the company says. The elimination of dust-collecting lubricants minimizes the need to wash the conveyor, reducing water usage and avoiding wastewater disposal issues. Because of its constant low coefficient of friction (COF), the e-F.A.S.T. technology also lowers the amount of energy needed to run a conveyor, the company says. Developed in close collaboration with Regina Chain, a leader in conveyor chains, belts and components, the e-F.A.S.T. (ecological friction abating sliding thermoplastic) material avoids the need for traditional external lubricants used during bottling and other filling operations. By delivering a higher slip COF, e-F.A.S.T. allows bottles to move smoothly while reducing wear and tear and maximizing throughput. Industry 4.0 technologies allow bottlers to adopt high-speed, high-volume operations, which has further sharpened interest in the adoption of e-F.A.S.T, according to the company.

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