Cole-Parmer unveiled a new pump head: the Masterflex L/S Easy Load pump head. The first model change since the original launched 30 years ago features an all-new modern design and enhanced features, the company says. The Masterflex L/S Easy-Load pump head can be used within the beverage industry for research and development with pH acid/base metering or distilled water transfer as well as in such beverage processes as adding vitamin A and D injections and other additives or handling viscous materials such as purees, syrups, and other viscous fluids in the mixture. Because the peristaltic pumps are low-shear, they will not alter the consistency or texture of the fluid being pumped, the company says. The redesigned pump head provides a more efficient pumping than its predecessor, pumping 2.3 liters a minute at five to six bar. Other features include improved pressure performance and reduced pulsation with the four-roller design; an improved occlusion-bed geometry, which reduces tubing wear and lengthens tubing life; and a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel rotor and PTFE-shielded bearings for long life expectancy, according to the company. In addition, tubing changes are fast with single-thumb actuation, with automatic tubing retention eliminating the need for manual adjustments. The pump heads also can be stacked for multichannel pumping. Models are available with and without open-head sensor functionality, with the open-head sensor providing more safety because the drive stops when the pump head is opened, it adds.

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