Copper & Kings American Brandy released the latest product in its portfolio: Riding with the King American Brandy, a tribute to Elvis. Riding with the King is just more than five years old, where it first was aged for 32 months in Kentucky Bourbon barrels, then followed by 29 months of maturation in King Estate Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre French oak barrels that are 228 liters/60 gallons in size, the company says. The distillate is 100 percent Muscat de Alexandrie, and double-distilled in Copper & Kings’ Vendome copper pot stills, it adds. Bottled at 54 percent alcohol by volume, Riding with the King is packaged in a 750-ml bottle and has a suggested retail price of $65.


Copper & Kings American Brandy Co., Louisville, Ky.


Distribution: National