JBT Food & Dairy Systems BV announced a new solution for filling flexible pouches: the AsepFlex linear pouch filler. Developed to overcome the challenges of pouch packaging commonly used in the ready-to-drink (RTD) sports and breakfast drinks on-the-go, and nutraceutical products, the AsepFlex enables companies to improve capacity and operational performance, thereby cutting rejection rates in the process, the company says. The JBT AsepFlex linear pouch filler offers capacity as high as 500 pouches a minute or 30,000 pouches an hour. The fully aseptic solution is designed in accordance with FDA guidelines for low acid aseptically filled food products and can achieve a 95 percent efficiency rate and a typical reject rate of 0.5 percent, the company says. The filling system can fill a wide range of products from water-like liquids to high viscous products, such as smoothies with particulates. For added versatility, the machine also can be equipped with a nitrogen dosing system to reduce the oxygen in the headspace of the pouch, which limits the oxidation of the product, helping maximize product shelf life in the process, according to the company.

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