As recalls attributed to physical contaminants continue to make news, food and beverage manufacturers are checking off their compliance and audit list, according to Eagle Product Inspection. One way to accomplish this is through the adoption of a company-wide commitment to improving the food and beverage safety culture, open communications to foster engagement, regular safety assessments, and the use of more sophisticated safety tools such as X-ray inspection systems, the company says. Advanced inspection systems are a two-pronged approach to improving the food and beverage safety culture and aligning with the requirements of BRCGS Issue 8, a Global Standard for Food Safety that rolled out in February 2019. In addition to the primary function of finding and removing potentially hazardous physical contaminants, an inline X-ray system is a visual sign to employees and customers that preventive, verifiable measures are in place. Going forward, the company plans to continue to improve its own technologies with developments such as a new next-generation MDX dual energy detector with intelligent software for poultry inspection, which will be introduced soon, it adds.

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