Gerhard Schubert GmbH offer its Flowmodul system from Schubert. Designed with the help of robotics, the high-performance Flowmodul features a compact machine layout and a flow-wrapping system that is entirely integrated into a TLM picker line. In addition to space savings, the machine’s efficiency of more than 99 percent ensures better performance, the company says. The flow-wrapping component also can be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of requirements including small batch sizes, frequent product changes and a large variety of products can be realized as well as the packaging of highly sensitive products. The Flowmodul’s pick-and-place F4 robots feature individually designed tools that carefully place any conceivable product into the flow-wrapping component’s feed system, eliminating the need for long feed belts of mechanical systems. Upstream, a 3-D scanner performs optical quality control of the products to be packaged by checking position, orientation, shape, color and volume. The Flowmodul is compatible with all standard heat- and cold-sealing films and contributes as much as 17 percent savings in film material costs.

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