Los Angeles-based Califia Farms announced the launch of Übermilk, a line of oat milk beverages. Available this spring in three varieties — Unsweetened, Unsweetened Vanilla and Chocolate — Übermilks have 8 grams of plant-based protein in each serving including all eight essential amino acids and fatty acids from plant oils for omega-3, -6 and -9, as well as calcium, iron, vitamin D, potassium, and vitamin E, the company says.

"Übermilk is a leap into the next frontier," said Greg Steltenpohl, founder and CEO of Califia Farms, in a statement. "Nutritionally Übermilk is one of the more nutrient dense plant milks on the broader market with a powerful combination of both macro and micro nutrients, and most importantly it wins on taste and texture, thanks to our naturally creamy and great-tasting Oatmilk serving as the base."

Leveraging Califia Farms' new oat-based milk made from whole grain, gluten-free oats, the Übermilks combine 8 grams of complementary plant-proteins from pea, oats and sunflower seeds with all eight essential amino acids. 

The new Übermilks join Califia Farms' existing line of plant-based milks including almond, coconut, cashew and oat.

"Made from a blend of seeds and pulses, Übermilk removes any compromise for anyone seeking better nutrition from plants," said Ashley Koff, RD and CEO of The Better Nutrition Program, in a statement. "I'm equally impressed with the nutrient density and taste." 

Übermilk will be available at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide with additional distribution throughout the year. Übermilk also will be available on CalifiaFarms.com.

In May, Califia Farms also will roll out refreshed Nitro Draft Latte packaging with a new twistable, re-sealable cap. Califia Farms was the first to introduce a completely dairy free, nitro-infused Cold Brew Coffee in 2016. The Nitro Draft Latte Cold Brews are available in three flavors — Latte, Mocha and New Orleans — that marry creamy almond and macadamia milks with cold brew made from direct-trade beans and an infusion of nitrogen to bring out the natural sweetness in a silky micro-foam.

The refreshed Nitro Draft Latte will be available for tasting at Natural Products Expo West along with Califia Farms new Übermilks, Oatmilk, Oat Barista Blend and a wide assortment of other Plant-Based Milks, Ready-to-Drink Coffees, Probiotic Dairy Free Yogurts, Dairy Free Creamers and Citrus Juice.