Wine Cellar Innovations (WCI) launched a number of products to meet the growing trend in wine storage for modern wine cellars. Along with the rise in modern wine storage trends is the increasing amount of do-it-yourself (DIY) wine cellar projects. Homeowners have taken to creating DIY wine racking arrangements for their personal collections. To accommodate clients on a budget, WCI has revolutionized its modern wine racking products by making them available in kit format. The “Modern Vintner,” from the Vintner Series, includes the ability to work with different mediums including cable, acrylic and wood. The Vintner Elite Cabinetry embraces contemporary racking styles in kit format, while the Acrylic 9 Column Individual and Cable Racking units are affordable alternatives, closely reminiscent of the Contemporary Cable Wine Racking System. Another option is the Vintner Individual Concave Wine Racks collection, a modular unit that comes in various height configurations and can be stacked to accommodate any ceiling height and comes in custom wood, stain and finish options. Among the new stains offered for a modern look are Graywash, Whitewash and Midnight Black.

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