JBT Corp. recently launched a new system for cold-extracted fruit and vegetable juices designed to overcome complications with traditional bag presses. Capable of processing various produce, including whole watermelons, carrots, beets and berries, the READYGo FVP offers continuous, hygienic juice extraction at as much as 5 tons an hour of raw product, the company says. Among the advantages the fruit and vegetable processing (FVP) system offers compared with traditional bag systems is the FVP does not require emptying and refilling after each batch. Instead, the FVP offers continuous processing, which is hygienic and easy-to-clean, while at the same time, unlike a bag press, is completely enclosed. The FVP delivers a yield of anywhere between 50 to 92 percent across a range of commonly processed fruits and vegetables, it adds. Depending on the product, the fully automated FVP can hygienically generate as many as 20 gallons a minute of fresh juice. The result of two years’ research involving prototypes and precursors, the FVP skid incorporates JBT’s proven chopper pump, the FVX-5, with an external FVG flow-through grinder and a UCF110 screw finisher. No heat is applied during extraction, making the juice or blends suitable for immediate bottling followed by high-pressure processing (HPP) with JBT’s Avure HPP system. The modular system encapsulates three pieces of equipment on a single skid at a single price, the company says.

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