Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA), a Barry-Wehmiller Co., introduced its new canning line for craft brewers: the CB100. The new machine is an update of the CB50 canning line filler-seamer combination that debuted last year at the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America. Due to demand for a higher-speed version of the CB50, PSA’s latest iteration is capable of a variable speed range of 30 to 100 cans a minute, the company says. Designed to work on introductory canning lines, the CB100 can assist large breweries entering the canning market for the first time, particularly as more craft breweries are distributing their beers in portable cans. The CB100 offers many of the same features as the CB50, but for a high-speed canning line. The integrated 12-head hygienic inline filler, with proprietary flowmeter technology, helps brewers get a perfect fill with little waste, it says. Its gas-flush systems help keep oxygen out of the beer. In addition, PSA’s high-speed double-seaming technology helps keep cans tightly sealed. The integrated system is optimized for a beverage can-height range of 2.13 to 8 inches, and is designed with quick-change adjustments for easy changeovers for various can heights and body diameters.

Pneumatic Scale Angelus
4485 Allen Road
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