Teasäne now offers its new Wellness Teas. Introduced in line with the launch of the health and wellness brand, the line of natural teas aims to power consumers’ everyday routines, the company says. Teasäne Wellness Teas are available in 26 functional varieties including: Lose, Energize, Maintain, Detox, Digestive Health, Stomach Soother, Diabetes Support, Blood Pressure, Good Heart, Joints Be Good, Bones Be Strong, Hair Here, Skin Repair, Beautiful, Focus, Mood Booster, U.T.Ahhh, Women’s Health, Menopause Relief, Immunity, Breathe, Hot For The Cold, Sleep, Allergy, Calm Down and Multi-Vitamin. The teas are non GMO, caffeine free, and do not contain artificial colors or flavors, the company says. The teas are exclusively available on the company’s website, and two-week supply retails for $18.95. The teas are expected to roll out in select retail locations nationwide.

Teasäne, New York
Internet: https://liveteasane.com
Distribution: Online