Beluga North America Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Beluga Group, offers Beluga Noble and its Beluga Gold Line in select markets. The imported Russian vodkas are made with water extracted from a 1,000-foot artesian well in Siberia, which gives the vodkas a rounded velvety taste, the company says. Beluga Noble is dual filtered through quartz sand, and then triple filtered through a silver-enriched charcoal filter and aged for 30 days. The product has a fresh and elegant wheat taste with a hint of flowers, it adds. Beluga Gold Line also is dual filtered through quarts sand, triple filtered through a silver-enriched charcoal filter, but also is filtered again through quartz sand. The vodka is aged for 90 days and features a clear and pure taste with light notes of grains and wheat reminiscent of alpine herbs, the company says.

Beluga North America Inc., Hallandale Beach, Fla.
Distribution: Select markets