Crystal Head Vodka introduced a new expression: Aurora. Crystal Head Aurora Vodka is packaged in an iridescent, skull-shaped bottle. The vodka is additive-free and made with high-quality English wheat grown in the hills of North Yorkshire and water from St. John’s, Newfoundland, the company says. It is five-times distilled in a traditional column still prior to filtration, and then is filtered a total of seven times. The first three filtrations use activated charcoal lasting six hours, then three more times over 10,000 Herkimer diamonds before finally going through a micro filtration prior to bottling, it says. On the nose, Aurora is crisp with delicate floral aromas and a subtle hint of anise, according to the company. The taste profile is warm with strong peppercorn notes and a touch of sweetness, it says. It is dry and clean, with a warming sensation on the finish, it adds. Crystal Head Aurora is packaged in 750-ml bottles that have a suggested retail price of $59.99.

Crystal Head Vodka, Newfoundland, Canada
Distribution: National